Concrete Tiles (Modern Style Pattern)

Concrete roof tiles are renowned for their strength and visual variety.  They are available in a wide range of colors and profiles to suit any house style or weather. This project scope involved a stunning transformation of the roof, elevating the aesthetic of the house and bringing a modern style result. Located in Watsonville, CA, […]

Clay Spanish Tiles Style Pattern

Completed in 2023, this timeless and elegant project uses an S-shaped design, making it the perfect option for curved roofs. Clay tiles offer exceptional energy efficiency and resistance against wind and weather elements and provide excellent insulation, acting as a temperature buffer for the interior in both hot and cold climates, which is amazing for […]

Concrete Tiles

Located in X, this project required X and installation of new Concrete Tiles across x square feet of roofing area. Concrete tiles are Class A fire-rated and making them a good fire-safe option

Modern Flat Concrete Tiles

In 2024, the project of this beautiful house in Milpitas, CA was completed. The Diamond Ridge Roofing Systems team did a wonderful job on this residential property. With their classic design, flat concrete tiles effortlessly complement nearly every architectural style, creating a modern aesthetic for this property. Additionally, solar panels were removed and reinstalled, further […]

Metal Roofs

Located in X, this project entailed the installation of a metal roof, a building component that demands meticulous design, specification, and detailing. The panels not only shield the building’s interior from weather elements but also must efficiently manage and withstand natural forces like wind, rain, snow, and thermal variations. Ensuring the success of a metal […]